Caper Court

The Pupil

The first in the Caper Court series. Of the two pupil barristers in the prestigious chambers at 5 Caper Court, only one can win the coveted place of junior tenant at the end of the year. Penniless Anthony Cross is brilliant, but is up against Edward Choke - wealthy, good-natured, not very bright, but also the head of chambers' nephew. Anthony has to cope with further complications - his ageing-hippy father, a fickle girlfriend, and a confusing relationship with charismatic fellow barrister Leo Davies. The first in the best-selling Caper Court series.

'A terrific debut novel...Fraser has been a lawyer herself, and is very good on the rivalries, office politics and protocol. Interweaving two fascinating (and very different) love stories, she manages to keep us guessing (about everything) until the last page. ' MIDWEEK