Caper Court

An Immoral Code

The third in the Caper Court series. Behind the elegant doors of 5 Caper Court, the elite barristers' chambers, lies unexpected emotional turmoil. As QC, Leo Davies' big case is to represent a group of Lloyd's Names. They've staked everything on Leo's performance in court, blissfully unaware of the confusions of his private life which threaten to destroy their case. At home, the delicate facade of Leo's marriage to the lovely Rachel is crumbling. Being married doesn't stop him from making a play for one of his clients, the handsome, feckless Charles Beecham. But while Leo eyes Beecham, Beecham is pursuing Rachel...

'Fraser has been in the legal trade herself and knows her way round the absurdities of life in chambers. She writes with panache, exuberance and humour, and never leaves the reader waiting too long for the next twist...most enjoyable. ' The Times