Caper Court

A Hallowed Place

The fourth in the Caper Court series. Rumour and uncertainty are rife in 5 Caper Court, the prestigious barristers' chambers. Cameron Renshaw, head of chambers, is dying; there's a move afoot to leave the chambers' comfortable, familiar premises in Middle Temple for Lincoln's Inn; and Leo Davies, the QC who leads a charmed but amoral life, is about to find his dubious past catching up with him. His ex-wife is ready to do anything to protect her son from his father, Sarah Coleman, who knows more of Leo's secrets than anyone, is now a pupil at 5 Caper Court, and Leo has unwisely compromised himself with a decadent and unreliable new young lover, Joshua.

'Fraser writes with fluent flair. ' Sunday Telegraph

'A convincing background for a very readable tale.' The Lady