Caper Court

Breath Of Corruption

The seventh in the Caper Court series. The charismatic and brilliant lawyer, Leo Davies, is now head of chambers at 5 Caper Court and he's beginning to feel the weight of his responsibilities. There's discontent among his fellow barristers, and Leo begins to question whether he wants to continue the nine to five grind when he could be working from home and spending more time with his young son. When irregularities crop up in the paperwork of a case Leo is working on for the construction magnate, Sir Dudley Humble, Leo finds himself drawn into a world of Ukrainian gangsters, money-laundering and prostitute trafficking with potentially dire consequences for himself and his family.  Leo's love life seems fraught with problems too - the teenage sister of his beautiful model girlfriend, Anthea, sets out to seduce Leo, with disastrous results. In sorting out all the issues in his working and domestic life, Leo needs to exercise his customary blend of charm, intelligence, and amoral ruthlessness.