Errors of Judgment
A Calculating Heart
A Perfect Obsession
A Hallowed Place
Judicial Whispers
An Immoral Code
The Pupil

About Caro Fraser
Image of Caro Fraser - April 2009Welcome to the Caro Fraser website, which is aimed at those who already read and enjoy my books and would like to know a little more about me, and for the cheap breitling replica uninitiated still in search of intelligent literature which is, I hope, both thought-provoking and entertaining.

Please take a look around the breitling replica watches site to find out more about my work click on a book icon for a precis, or to read an extract.

Views and comments are most welcome, and I'll always give a personal reply.


Happy New Year to all!

Last November my publishers Allison & Busby arranged a wonderful launch party at Waterstone's bookshop on London Wall for my latest Caper Court novel 'Errors of Judgment'. Lots of friends and readers came along to support me and buy the book - it was a great evening, as testified by the fact that the white wine ran out! The Breitling Replica UK first three novels in the Caper Court series, The Pupil, Judicial Whispers and An Immoral Code have been re-published in paperback, and the whole series of 8 books will shortly be available in e-book format (if they're not already). The other four in the series - 'A Hallowed Place', 'A Perfect Obsession', 'A Calculating Heart' and 'Breath Of Corruption' - may be re-published in paperback form in spring 2014, depending on how the re-launch of the others goes - here's hoping.

Many thanks to everyone who has cheered me with best fake cartier
warm words of encouragement over recent years - those messages have made all the difference!

If you'd like to read the blurb and sample the first couple of chapters of Breath of Corruption, just click on the cover image below.
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Breath of Corruption
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A World Apart
Familiar Rooms In Darkness
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An Inheritance
A Little Learning
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